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The Women's Center
419 Welshwood Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37211
(615) 331-1200

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Thank you for your interest in The Women's Center. We hope this site will help you become better acquainted with our office and lead you to choose us for your health care needs.

Our center provides surgical abortion services from 6 to 14 weeks,patients can choose from two types of sedation for the procedure, an oral sedaion where you have medications to relax you and relieve some pain patients will remember more of the procedure than with the twilight sedation option or a twilight sedation that is given IV that relieves more pain and the patient is less aware of the procedure, as well as medical abortions (the abortion pill, Mifeprex--formerly known as RU 486) for women whose pregnancy is 56 days or less from their last menstrual period. We also provide various gynecological services, including but not limited to annual exams, pap testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, pregnancy testing and birth control options including pills, depo,and ring.

Our office provide two surgical suites, a private ultrasound rooms, and private consultation rooms. The center has been designed to provide you with modern medical evaluations by using state-of-the-art equipment. An in-house lab and medical technicians help provide you with the convenience of receiving comprehensive medical services in one facility. These services will make your visit more convenient and also help hold down your health care costs.
Please visit our web site for further information. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have.

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