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Blue Mountain Clinic
610 N. California St
Missoula, Montana 59802
(800) 727-2546
(406) 721-1646

About Us Abortion Sexual Health Information Directions
At Blue Mountain Clinic we believe:

  • All persons are sexual and sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living.

  • Sexuality includes physical, ethical, social, spiritual, psychological and emotional dimensions for persons of all sexual orientations.

  • All sexual decisions have effects or consequences and all persons have the right and the obligation to make responsible sexual choices.

  • Healthy sexuality is based on sexual relationships not being coercive or exploitive.

  • We are committed to preserving and improving the emotional, physical, spiritual and social health and wellness of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people.

Prevention of sexually transmitted disease and unexpected pregnancy are a primary focus at Blue Mountain Clinic. We provide comprehensive sexual health care services, using individualized plans for prevention with an emphasis on education.

Our staff members are sensitive to individuals who have specialized sexual health needs. We encourage you to talk to one of our clinicians about your needs so you may receive high quality and non-judgmental care.


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